Collect bonus stars and find hidden combos to really boost your scores. 

Ideal for younger players, Quiz mode has no countdown, so take as long as you need to answer the 10 sums.

Fancy a real challenge? 

Try Panic Mode.... It's tougher than the captain of the football team! 

You have been warned!

In Splat Class you find your school books invaded by bugs, how many can you splat!? 

In this gross-out mode you chose just 2 bugs to make the target total, so this game is great for younger players.

Sign in to Game Center on iPhone or iPad or Google plus on Android devices to access worldwide leaderboards and unlock a host of challenging achievements.

   Do you have what it takes to be the best in the world, or unlock all the achievements?

As parents of young children we recognise the importance of strong basic maths skills such as adding and multiplication. 

Sum Game focuses on the key skill of adding together single digit numbers....and it really works! With entertaining arcade presentation, leaderboards and achievements there is lots to encourage your kids to play & improve as they do. 

There is plenty here for grown-ups too! Panic mode in particular is challenging and addictive & will see you improving your mental maths as you challenge for the top-slot.

The game does use adverts...sorry. We didn't want to charge for the game and didn't want to use in-game purchases. 

But....we need to pay for the development costs so we have added very subtle adverts... Mainly banner ads, and the occasional video or full screen one. 

We hope we have struck the right balance! Let us know if you aren't happy!

Unity is an awesome cross platform engine, ideal for games developers. And best of all, it is totally free!

Find out about Unity here... Unity3D

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