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Sum Game

Tin Robot Studios Based in Derby, England 

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October, 2014 

Release Date:
September 2016


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Sum Game

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Tin Robot Studios is a tiny indie development team based in and around Derby in the UK.
With a team consisting of industry veterans who still work in mobile gaming, Tin Robot Studios provides a creative outlet for personal projects.

Phill, Dave & Steve met in the early days of Eurocom Developments Ltd and worked on several high profile console projects together including the official Beijing and Vancouver Olympic games, Ice Age, Rio, James Bond and Harry Potter Kinect.

Award-winning Steve is an awesome musician and audio technician. He wrote and performed the ditties for both Sum Game and Guessy Stars.

Sum Game - 2015


Sum Game is an arcade maths puzzler, which is easy to play and difficult to master.
The emphasis is on fun and challenge, but it is great at boosting maths ability too.
With 4 modes there are challenges for all ages.


4 modes of play, for all levels of ability and ages


Having spotted a need to improve their kids' adding skills, 'Sum Game' was born on iOS and Android.

After some early tests they picked a school theme inspired by the art of Ronald Searle's St. Trinians and Molesworth comic strips. The art pays homage to these titles with brilliantly crafted school kids, full of cheek and guff (plus a few inspired by former colleagues).

With a retro 70s sit-com inspired theme tune (think Terry and June meets Please Sir), the game exudes a retro British charm. It has also met its remit to improve the adding skills of its users - kids and adults alike! Panic mode has proved a particular hit with the adult players - give it a go!


David Arnold - Programming & Design

David is a games industry veteran of nearly 20 years who has worked on a string of high profile console titles including the official Beijing and Vancouver Olympics games, Ice Age 2, Rio & Harry Potter Kinect.

In recent years David has worked for Eight Pixels Square on iOS and Android mobile hit games including Lawless, All Guns Blazing, Cartel Kings, Ghostbusters and Raid HQ.

Phill Hackney - Art

Phill's background is in the world of art and animation and has led several teams over the years, whilst continuing to remain hands-on.

He started his dev career in the 8-bit days with a C64 Jahangir Khan squash game.
The 16-bit years brought various number one titles such as Soccer Kid and Manchester United PLC (his favourite football team too!), and more obscure ST/Amiga releases such as Sabre Team, Arabian Nights, Legends and Botics.

The move towards PC and console in the late 90's saw Phill working on LEGO Chess, the first UEFA Champions League game, and various PS1 games including conversions of Theme Park and Armorines.

The start of the noughties saw Phill creating graphics for the first ever mobile phone version of EA's FIFA series, a hint of things to come.
The rest of the decade involved many AAA and high profile console titles such as Rio, Buffy: Chaos Bleeds, Ice Age 2, Robots, Batman Begins and various other TV/movie/sports tie-ins.

More recently, as part of Eight Pixels Square, Phill has worked on a string of successful mobile titles including Lawless, All Guns Blazing, Cartel Kings, Raid HQ and Ghostbusters.
Away from games he enjoys singing and records and writes songs for the band Evilyn Strange!!

Steve Duckworth - Music

Awesome musician and audio technician, award-winning Steve, wrote and performed the ditties for both Sum Game and Guessy Stars.  

A veteran of 25 years doing sound for video games, Steve has composed sound tracks for over 30 high profile and AAA games including, James Bond Nightfire (GANG Award 'Best Interactive Score' 2002), Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean (live orchestral recording), Harry Potter Kinect, and the well loved music of Sphinx. Steve has worked as lead audio specialist on well over 40 titles.

In recent years Steve has worked for Eight Pixels Square on iOS and Android mobile hit games Lawless, All Guns Blazing, Cartel Kings, Ghostbusters, Raid HQ and Scuba Dupa.



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